ElasticWolf is a client-side application for managing Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud resources with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. This project was inspired by an older tool called ElasticFox (and it also uses the Mozilla cross-platform graphical framework), but has no code in common. ElasticWolf adds many new features, including support for the AWS GovCloud (US) Region, much better VPC support, and a host of other enhancements.

ElasticWolf is packaged with all necessary tools and utilities to generate and deal with private and public keys and certificates, as well as a Windows ssh client for accessing Linux EC2 instances. In addition, it integrates easily with the AWS command line interface (CLI) tools so that you can use ElasticWolf and the CLI together.


ElasticWolf is designed to work with all AWS regions, so please file bugs at the GitHub site if you find problems with ElasticWolf, regardless of the region where you use it.

Download ElasticWolf version 5.0.0: